Love is a many splendored thing!

Hemanth, M.D.of an Ad Agency and Veena share an enjoyable relationship as loving Husband and Wife. Anybody would envy their unique love and devotion to one another. Abhishek, a friend of Hemanth who recently had lost his lady love and his desire to live enters the happy home of Hemanth and Veena. Abhi is basically of shy and softspoken nature, but Hemanth and Veena maneuovre to pull Abhi out of depression and in the process Abhi unknowingly falls in love with Veena. When he realises this, he decides to go out of their lives. Veena who is unaware of his intentions towards her insists he join them for a picnic to Kodaikanal along with a group of Hemanth’s Company staff members. At Kodai, Hemanth observes the abnormal behaviour of Abhi towards his wife and though this haunts him, he would not discuss this with his wife on whom he has abundant faith. When both Abhi and Hemanth are out on a photography stint Hemanth directly attacks Abhi and tells him that he is aware of his misdeeds and advises him to leave them alone and go away.  What he does next forms the rest of the story. 


Will Abhi win in his pursuit of love? What happens in Kodaikanal that changes the life of Veena forever? The mounting suspense will keep the audience spellbound till the end. Suhasini portraying the role of Veena has given a cameo performance par excellence and will be remembered for long. Sharath Babu in the role of Hemanth lends very good support. Ramesh never seen before in a negative character has a challenging role in Abhi and his spontaneous performance is something extraordinary. The film revolves round these three central characters while adequate support is given by Ramakrishna, Thara, Niveditha Jain & Master Vinayak. Music Director Deva has tuned the catchy lyrics with melody. Photography is spectacular capturing awesome locales of Kodaikanal the popular hill-station. Ace Cameraman Dinesh Babu of ‘SUPRABHATHA’ fame wielded the megaphone after a long spell has done a marvellous job and his way of neat narration does keep the audience glued to their seats. It’s a wholesome Family Entertainer enjoyable by all age groups. Critics have raved and said that this is one of the BEST MOVIES ever to be produced in Kannada. It has also bagged the Arya Bhata Award and was screened at the INDIAN PANORAMA FESTIVAL. AMRUTHAVARSHINI has brought glory to the Kannada Film Industry and it’s a film not to be missed.


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