Delhi to see EV sales jump over 100% by year end: Arvind Kejriwal

The AAP government led by Arvind Kejriwal introduced Delhi’s electric vehicle policy in 2020. Since then, the nation’s capital has seen more than 60,000 electric vehicles on the road.

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28 Jul 2022, 09:11

A Tata Nexon electric SUV seen on the roads of Delhi. (File photo)

Delhi is expected to see a major increase in electric vehicle sales this year. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced that the nation’s capital is expected to see a more than 100% increase in electric vehicle sales this year. Kejriwal said Delhi is fast becoming India’s electric vehicle capital, with more than 9% of all vehicles purchased in the city being electric, the highest rate in the country. Kejriwal also said most electric vehicle sales in Delhi were electric two-wheelers.

During the inauguration of seven electric vehicle charging stations at bus depots across Delhi on Wednesday, Kejriwal said: “At that time, we did not expect such a large response as we received. Over the past two years, 60,846 electric vehicles have been purchased in Delhi. Last year 25,809 vehicles were purchased and this year only seven months have passed and yet 29,845 vehicles have already been sold. This means there has been a 115% increase and we expect this to increase further by the end of the year.”

Kejriwal noted that a cultural shift in the way people travel will change when the majority of the population opts for electric vehicles. “Delhi is becoming the EV capital of the country. The growth of EV purchases in Delhi is the highest in the country. We have already exceeded the target for this year as people are buying the vehicles in large numbers “We will receive 75 electric buses next month. The impact of switching to electric vehicles will be huge in the near future.”

Kejrwial also said his government was doing its part to transform public transport, buying electric buses to reduce the carbon footprint. He said: “We have already purchased 150 electric buses and will purchase another 2,000 by the end of 2023. Today, seven charging stations are being launched at DTC bus depots.

Delhi had introduced its own electric vehicle policy in 2020 as one of the first states to do so. Apart from a number of EVs on the road, Delhi is also improving EV infrastructure with over 2,000 charging stations in the National Capital Region. The state government plans to install 100 EV charging stations over the next three months to reach EV customers across Delhi.

Date of first publication: Jul 28, 2022, 09:11 IST

Sallie R. Loera