Difficult weather conditions force Air Greenland to suspend ticket sales

Air Greenland has taken the drastic decision to shut down ticket sales to and from the west coast of Greenland until the end of July. The region faces severe weather disruptions to its services, particularly from low cloud and fog on the west coast. However, Nerleriit Inaat’s ticket sales on the east coast are unaffected.

Focus is on stranded passengers, not ticket sales

In a July 11 statement on its website, Air Greenland said there were “nearly 1,000 passengers stranded in the country who should have left for [last] weekend.” He said that due to low clouds and fog along the coast, especially in Greenland’s capital, Nuuk, it was only possible to operate flights later in the day, creating a backlog of passengers and cargo.


Air Greenland has a fleet of eight DHC-8s which have been hit hard by fog and bad weather. Photo: Air Greenland

Air Greenland CEO Jacob Nitter Sørensen said: “Air Greenland is vulnerable at the moment. We are not providing the service we intended and therefore have to resort to closing sales. Fog and low clouds tease us so much that schedules scheduled for today are postponed, and when this happens several days in a row, we get a large build-up of passengers.

Air Greenland has a fleet of eight planes, which ch-aviation.com data lists as one Airbus A330-200, one De Havilland DHC-8-200 and six DHC-8-Q200s. He has an Airbus A330-800neo on order. Sørensen says most of the planes that will ferry passengers along the coast are based in Nuuk, while only one plane is based in Ilulissat, where dense fog has also impacted operations. He adds:

“Aircraft need to be able to return to base for maintenance and when the weather forecast cannot, it affects the flow of the traffic schedule. Traffic challenges in Europe also mean that it is very difficult to find space. capacity available for hire. on the Atlantic route.”

Air Greenland has ordered an Airbus A330-800neo to replace its existing A330-200. Photo: Airbus

SAS capacity rental is currently not possible

In the past, when Air Greenland was under pressure, it leased capacity from SAS Scandinavian, but Sørensen says the SAS strike makes this an extremely limited possibility. Air Greenland is arranging accommodation and meal vouchers for those stranded, although it says minimal accommodation is available. The press release indicates that Air Greenland will inform [customers] via the website and social media when there is a significant irregularity and passengers who require a new itinerary will receive one when it is completed.

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In an update on Friday, the airline said: “We hope to have completed the transport of all affected passengers to their destinations by the end of the weekend. Unfortunately, our rescue aircraft is out of service due to problems. technical, so we don’t have any additional aircraft available at the moment, we are working hard to have it ready as soon as possible.

It also prepared a new weekend schedule for passengers in southern Greenland and said it has chartered boats to and from Narsarsuaq, the location of Greenland’s second airport. The statement also reiterated that Air Greenland would provide delayed passengers with accommodation and meal vouchers and that they should contact their local airport/heliport for further information. Would it be great to hear from readers in Greenland to get feedback and see if services are back to normal yet?

Sallie R. Loera