Multibagger Realty Stock Announces Stock Split at 10:1 Ratio. Details Here

Multibagger Stock: The Board of Directors of Ritesh Properties and Industries Ltd has recommended the proposed stock split at a ratio of 10:1. the stock split would be determined later. After the stock split, the face value of the multibagger stock will increase from 10 per participation share to 1 Re per participation share.

Ritesh Properties and Industries Ltd has notified Indian stock exchanges of the stock split proposal quoting, “We wish to inform you that the Board of Directors of Ritesh Properties and Industries Limited (“Company”) considered and approved among others the following matters at their meeting held today, i.e. the June 16, 2022 …. recommended the proposed subdivision of shares having a par value of Rs. 10/- each fully paid into shares having a par value of Rs. 1/- each fully paid on the record date to be determined with the authorization of the Board of Directors, after approval by the shareholders by postal ballot (electronic voting procedure).”

Ritesh Properties share price history

The BSE-listed stock is one of the multibagger stocks produced by the Indian stock market over the past year. Multibagger stock came under selling pressure after hitting a 52-week high 535 in December 2021. Since mid-March 2022, the housing stock has remained on the side. Over the past year, this stock has gone from 70 to 360 levels each, providing a return of approximately 415% to shareholders, who remained invested in the multibagger stock throughout this time horizon.

Five-year CAGR of 125%

Over the past 5 years, this stock multibagger has gone from 5.75 to 358.90 levels each, registering an increase of around 6130% or giving a CAGR of over 125% over this period.

Multibagger stock rotation 1,000,000 62.30 lakh in 5 years

Take a cue from Ritesh Properties share price history, if an investor had invested 1 lakh in this stock 5 years ago is 1 lakh would have turned to 62.30 lakh today, provided that the investor remained invested in this real estate stock throughout this period.

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Sallie R. Loera