New Bill Aims to Simplify Farm Sales Tax Exemption

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma lawmaker has introduced legislation to help farmers and ranchers get an exemption from farm sales tax.

Sen. Roland Pederson (R) Burlington, introduced Senate Bill 1655, which would simplify the renewal process for farmers and ranchers who have already met the initial requirements to qualify for the exemption.

Currently, every three years, an agricultural producer must go through the same application process as first-time applicants.

“That was one of the questions we looked at in an interim study held here on Capitol Hill last fall. Once you’ve been approved for this farm sales tax exemption, you must renew your card every three years,” said Pederson, who serves as vice chairman of the Senate Agriculture and Wildlife Committee. “I’ve heard from farmers and ranchers in Oklahoma who have had problems renewing their exemption even s they have already been approved for this. This will simplify the process for these people.

Under the measure, the Oklahoma tax commission would provide a form that producers could simply sign and check a box certifying that they were continuing with their agricultural production activities in order to receive their license renewal.

Sallie R. Loera