Prospect Capital stock traders are buying a large number of put options (NASDAQ:PSEC) –

On Friday, a few strange options trades were made with Prospect Capital Company (NASDAQ: PSEC) in mind. First, investors bought options on the company, for a total of 20,770 contracts. This is a 2,445% increase from the daily average of 816 put options currently offered.

Recently, institutional investors and hedge funds have increased the proportion of their company’s holdings. This increase occurred simultaneously in several farms. Larson Financial Group LLC purchased investment stock for $34,000 from Prospect Capital during the second quarter of the year. Private Trust Co. NA made a brand new $35,000 investment in Prospect Capital during the second quarter. The amount of $38,000 was invested in Prospect Capital by HHM Wealth Advisors LLC during the second quarter of the year. Running Point Capital Advisors LLC invested $83,000 in Prospect Capital during the first three months of the year. Finally, Archer Investment Corporation made a 100% investment in Prospect Capital during the first three months of this year, bringing its total stake in this company to 100%. After making an additional purchase of 5,000 shares in the most recent period, Archer Investment Corp now owns a total of 10,000 shares of the company held by the financial services provider, worth $82,000. These shares were acquired as a result of Archer Investment Corp’s decision to make an additional purchase during the most recent period. Currently, institutional investors and hedge fund investors control 7.50% of the company’s total number of shares.
TheStreet lowered its previous ‘b’ rating for Prospect Capital to ‘c+’ in a separate analysis published on Tuesday July 26.
At noon on Friday, the price of NASDAQ:PSEC stock fell $0.16 to $6.73. The number of shares the company traded was significantly lower than its average daily volume of 1,576,195 shares. Prospect Capital has seen its stock price drop to $6.66 over the past year, while it peaked at $9.06 over the same period. The total debt ratio is 0.66, with each of the three ratios being 0.43: the debt ratio, the current ratio and the quick ratio. The stock’s price/earnings ratio, which is 4.75, and its beta value, which is 0.87, are relatively low. The total value of the company, represented by its market cap, is $2.66 billion. The past 50-day simple moving average of the company’s stock price is $7.63 and the past 200-day simple moving average is $7.69.
The latest quarterly earnings report was released by Prospect Capital on August 29 (NASDAQ: PSEC). The average forecast for the financial services company’s quarterly report was $0.19 per share, but it came in at $0.21 per share, $0.02 higher than reported. Although market watchers expected the company to achieve sales of $179.74 million in the quarter, it instead increased sales to $184.62 million. As a result, prospect As a result, prospect was able to achieve a successful performance, which resulted in a return on equity of 8.77% and a net margin of 80.95%. The company’s earnings per share were $0.17 for the same period a year earlier. According to the research professionals’ projections, Prospect Capital will return $0.96 per share in earnings for the current fiscal year.

Additionally, the company announced a monthly dividend to be paid on the 17th of each month, beginning with the payment to be made on November 17 and 17. Shareholders still of record on October 27 and 27 will be eligible to receive a $0.06 dividend payment per share. The dividend payment will be withdrawn from client accounts on Wednesday, October 26. This is the date that has been set. This translates into a return of 10.70% and a dividend payment of $0.72 per year for each shareholder. The dividend payout ratio (DPR) for Prospect Capital was set at a level of 49.66% at this time.

Sallie R. Loera