Separation credit: solutions and loan to separate

    Choose well Probable move, furniture redemption and even in some situations legal fees … the separation has a cost. AstreFinance helps you to better prepare this period of your life and guides you in the steps to follow and the right questions to ask yourself. I organize Unlike divorce, you will not have […]

Moratorium – an expensive last-minute save – Loans

Although often used as synonyms, the moratorium and the grace period represent two different forms of standstill in repayment of credit obligations. The term “standstill” implies a standstill in the repayment of the principal because the borrower pays interest to the lender during the standstill period. Waiting for prospective clients The grace period represents the […]

Interest rate: percentage remuneration of the loan capital

The interest rate corresponds to a percentage contractually fixed over a period of one year by the lender for his remuneration. The interest rate, a pillar of the economy Commonly used when establishing a contract for credit, the interest rate constitutes a pillar of the economy and financial markets. It can be fixed or variable. […]